“The Book and the Bus Cat” by Goldfish

Who are you…? I was hearing the voices again. They were whispering inside my head. What are you…? Who do you think you are…?     “Stop…” I murmured, gripping my pillow. You are nothing….     I felt myself giving in.     “Nothing….” You are nothing….     “I am nothing…” I whispered, “I am….” The loud … Continue reading “The Book and the Bus Cat” by Goldfish

“Elemental Deities” by Annelise Bond

Everything was black, the darkness engulfing her, she couldn’t see, she couldn’t breathe. She wondered why she had agreed to this mission in the first place. It felt as though everything was being stripped from her. She clutched tightly onto her shirt, in case somehow the whirlpool managed to suck it up as well. She … Continue reading “Elemental Deities” by Annelise Bond

“Burning Memories” by Rina Rossi

The lingering redolence of ash was present even miles away from the Triangle Cottage. Lieutenant Simmons wrinkled her nose and quickly inhaled a few times before picking up her speaker to communicate with the dispatcher. It was a cold, rainy Sunday morning, at around 2:55 a.m., and the sky was a murky pudding. “The fire … Continue reading “Burning Memories” by Rina Rossi

“Stars” by Owen Fletcher and N. R. Loffredo

-𝚫- -Log 001 -Outer systems, Andromeda Sector 5 of left spiral arm, Quadrant 3- Space. Space… Surprise! More space. ‘Great. I have the most boring job in the Galaxie, watch aboard the Ignis,’ Ben thought, glaring at the Holographic control panel which floated above the railing of the Crow’s Nest. The Crow’s Nest was less … Continue reading “Stars” by Owen Fletcher and N. R. Loffredo

“The Last Astronaut” by Simran Khalsa

The man on the moon does not care much for the dark side. It’s the light side where he builds his house, curving up like a crater from the core, where he brushes off the dust from his old overalls when he’s done, where he plants his violets, and waits. Seven thousand people could see … Continue reading “The Last Astronaut” by Simran Khalsa