Reader’s Choice Award Winners – Vol. 3 - The votes are in! And the winners of the Reader’s Choice Awards are: Poetry: Red Cup, Blue Cup by Calvin Dunbar and Alex Olson Fiction: 4% by Sophie Scott Non-Fiction: Valentine’s Day by Andrew Vu These winners will each receive a $50 certificate to Bookshop Santa Cruz. Congratulations! To submit your own writing to Issue 4 of … Continue reading Reader’s Choice Award Winners – Vol. 3
Vote for your favorite pieces! - Read something you like? Vote now for your favorite story, non-fiction piece, or poem of Issue 3. The winning authors will receive The Finch’s new “Readers’ Choice” award and $50 gift card to Bookshop Santa Cruz! We will be giving out three Readers’ Choice awards (one for each category) per issue from now on.
How has literature influenced your life? (Editor’s Note – Vol. 3) - Dear Readers, This year we have undertaken major changes to our magazine: we built a website, welcomed several new staff members, and introduced a brand new layout design (shoutout to Terry!). We are constantly looking for new ways to expand and improve the “Finch” project. However, all these new changes got us thinking about our … Continue reading How has literature influenced your life? (Editor’s Note – Vol. 3)
Editor’s Note – Vol. 2 - Dear Readers, One of the qualities we take pride in is our diversity. In each issue of The Finch, we strive to publish a wide variety of writing, which is why we make it a priority to include authors across all grade levels, genders, and points of view. This magazine is a reflection of a … Continue reading Editor’s Note – Vol. 2
Editor’s Note – Vol. 1 - Dear Readers, As I soon learned upon joining this community, Pacific Collegiate School is the ideal place to explore your passions. Students here can choose from a variety of electives and explore their interests beyond the academic field. Additionally, students can meet others who are enthusiastic about the same things they are, as I have … Continue reading Editor’s Note – Vol. 1