“Six Word Story” Assignment


Inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s famed six-word story, “For sale: baby shoes, never worn,” 10th graders in Ms. DeCaporale’s English class created their own short stories consisting of six words lines.


“Memories for Sale” by Anonymous - “For sale: baby shoes. Never worn.” “Also: baby blanket, toys and clothes.” “Call number below. All prices negotiable.” Objects are easy to throw away. If only other things were also. The memories you would not miss. You would keep the good ones. Exclamations of joy and marked calendars. The cheerful smiles and warm hugs. Lists … Continue reading “Memories for Sale” by Anonymous
“Two Boys, a House, the Sea” by Pearl Peterson - let us live by the sea. we’ll have windows overlooking the ocean. and we will make people smile. while we watch the sun set. stay up until it rises again. when light outlines only our silhouettes. giving us twinkles in our eyes. we’ll look at boats flying by. whisked away alongside sounds of laughter. outside … Continue reading “Two Boys, a House, the Sea” by Pearl Peterson
“The Weird Day” by Anonymous - Just an average day of school. Just a average girl in class. Just another test that is taken. Just another bathroom break that’s given. Just another walk down the hallway. Just another trip to the bathroom. But no, that’s not what happens. She steadily walks to the bathroom. Reads the sign, it says vacant. She … Continue reading “The Weird Day” by Anonymous
“Mothers With Diseases” by Saskia Wade - Four years old in San Francisco. The highest room in the building. Fireworks booming outside the window. I wonder if she’ll be okay. Six more years of difficult days. Dealing with pain, tears, hospital visits. Bought her a little stone raccoon. From the gift shop down stairs. Ten years old ; it’s summer time. Time … Continue reading “Mothers With Diseases” by Saskia Wade
“Meow!!!” by Anonymous - Kittens for sale. Soft and cuddly. Many kittens yowl, protesting their captivity. A kitten silent hatching a plot. A child searching for some joy. Kitten, child, go home for tonight. Kitten creates a city. Destruction follows. Now a cat chewing on catnip. Couch in ribbons stuffing spewing out. Mother yells. this stupid cat ugh. Cat … Continue reading “Meow!!!” by Anonymous
“Cake” by A Baker - Let’s make a cake, why not? Let’s make it colorful, and new. Teal, purple, pink and blue swirls. Never quite complete. Eggs, water, mix. Oven temperature: 350 degrees, baked complete. Can not find the cake stand. Damn! Where could it be? Cupboard? Living-room? Found it! On the living-room shelf It shimmers like a diamond.  Beautiful! … Continue reading “Cake” by A Baker
“Bridges” by Regulus A. Black - I know the bridges won’t fail. I swear, the bridges are strong. They are always on the horizon. They stand with the rocky hills. They kneel with the soft beaches. They cower under the big airplanes. And they wave at the small. The bridges are angled, and sharp. They are bent, rusted, and old. They … Continue reading “Bridges” by Regulus A. Black