Here you will find all poetry ever published in The Finch with their accompanying illustrations, plus some bonus content as well. Enjoy!


“Some Days…” by Seowoo Lee - Whiteboards and chalkboards, equality, freedom Creativity, constellations, so much more to explore, Perfection, nobody can achieve it Dreams, cats, literature, and architecture Positive, absence, existence, negative, lies Consistent arguments, yet everlasting friendship Diseases, some cured, others not Feelings; sadness, happiness, jealousy and anger Colors, logic, God, family Day, night, differences Some days I’m here, other … Continue reading “Some Days…” by Seowoo Lee
“Red Cup Blue Cup” by Calvin Dunbar and Alex Olson - Red Cup, Blue Cup Yellow Cup and Pink When you’re done drinking Put it in the sink. Coffee, Water, Juice or Tea. Drink too much, And you might have to pee. Donuts and Cakes Cookies and pies, Find you a yam And chef up some fries. And if you’re still hungry That is a lie, … Continue reading “Red Cup Blue Cup” by Calvin Dunbar and Alex Olson
“Ghosts” by Anonymous - A haunted wind Blows over one Who is scared of his past   And the taste of the air Is stale with ghosts Floating over your life   They are but painful memories Hovering in the shadows Weeping over fate   Long pale fingers, stretching Pulling at your fragile reality Till it breaks   Weaving … Continue reading “Ghosts” by Anonymous
“Butterflies and Foam” by Anonymous - A planter box grows succulents In our old space Every week, we’d sit there Pouring out our souls, blending them together You drank your coffee with ice Mine was too hot to hold without a sleeve I remember the butterflies They capered when you slid your fingers into mine When you bought the perfect muffin … Continue reading “Butterflies and Foam” by Anonymous
“Life” by Anonymous - I seem to dream Of extreme memes With my supreme team Of high-esteemed teens To redeem the creme Of regime schemes. How come society can tell me who I am?
“One Song at the End of Summer” by Pearl Peterson - i searched all summer for the tips of my tongues. i looked everywhere; in the mystery section and in the museum. i read all the romance novels about the people who have got it down. i talked to the girls who were left behind, the tips of their tongues were made of steel. they were … Continue reading “One Song at the End of Summer” by Pearl Peterson
“Hometown Sighs” by Anonymous - i’m leaving this place of hometown sighs. leaving for a road with soothing sounds and promises i hope to never keep. one day you’ll leave too, thinking you’ll miss it. but being in a place like this, where you can close your eyes, click your heels together and already be home. a place where it’s … Continue reading “Hometown Sighs” by Anonymous
“Black” by Jack Isacson - Black is colorless. Black is the night sky. Black tastes like charcoal in an old fireplace. Black sounds like an explosion of powder. Black feels like rocks on a cold winter night. Black looks like hard obsidian. Black makes me feel cold.
“Regret” by Anonymous - sinks in and slowly suffocates, its grasp tightening when you’ve forgotten it’s there the pain is not in the memories of him, but in all the memories that he will never be apart of in the inability to remember the last words he spoke to you and not knowing that the last time you touched … Continue reading “Regret” by Anonymous
“Tulum, Mexico” by Anonymous - The water glimmered like shards of broken glass , the sun shone like a ripe orange, and the ruins were antique and unique. But as time passed, the sun went down and before I knew it the glorious time was nowhere to be found.