Here you will find a collection of all the non-fiction pieces, memoirs, and personal essays ever published in The Finch with their accompanying illustrations, plus some bonus content as well. Enjoy!


Dear Andrew by Andrew Vu - Please Deliver To: Andrew Vu 455 Timberwolf Trail Martinez, Georgia, 30907 June 1st, 2007   Dear Andrew, Hello. It’s me, Andrew. I’m now 17 years old and in the middle of 12th grade. Do you know what that means? It’s time for me to write my letter back to you. I remembered! When I make … Continue reading Dear Andrew by Andrew Vu
“Valentine’s Day” by Andrew Vu - Valentine’s Day is approaching. All around me, I see people doing the thing they have always done. Either they are getting other people Valentines, and talking enthusiastically about it, or they simply ignore it, or they consider doing something but end up doing nothing. For me, this Valentine’s Day is radically different from any previous. … Continue reading “Valentine’s Day” by Andrew Vu
“Not That Kind” by Cor - I met a vet at the gym today. We walked down the stairs and at the end was a friend of ours – a NASA employee we had met at that very gym – and a stranger. As we approached, our friend was saying, “I have a friend who was in ‘Nam in ’71.” “I … Continue reading “Not That Kind” by Cor
“This I Believe” by Talia Harris - For as long as I have been creative, I have been frightened; frightened of what people will think of me, frightened of what I will create, and frightened of who this little girl inside of me thinks she is. When I started ballet training, I thought I was going to wake up that morning and … Continue reading “This I Believe” by Talia Harris
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