How has literature influenced your life? (Editor’s Note – Vol. 3)

Dear Readers,

This year we have undertaken major changes to our magazine: we built a website, welcomed several new staff members, and introduced a brand new layout design (shoutout to Terry!). We are constantly looking for new ways to expand and improve the “Finch” project. However, all these new changes got us thinking about our roots. We started to this magazine to highlight the creativity of PCS students and encourage appreciation of literature, and this is still our focus today.

We want to know how literature has influenced your lives. Send us a short essay, story, or poem about how a particular story (or stories) has inspired you, helped you, or shaped who you are today.  We will be publishing all submissions on our blog ( and choosing a few to publish in the next issue.

We hope you thoroughly enjoy this volume of the finch.


Isabel Folger, Editor in Chief
Anna Lauridsen, Editor in Chief
Rina Rossi, Assistant Editor