“Two Boys, a House, the Sea” by Pearl Peterson

let us live by the sea.
we’ll have windows overlooking the ocean.
and we will make people smile.
while we watch the sun set.
stay up until it rises again.
when light outlines only our silhouettes.
giving us twinkles in our eyes.
we’ll look at boats flying by.
whisked away alongside sounds of laughter.
outside there’ll be two boys.
one with a ukulele, another flowers.
one is in love, and nervous.
voice-cracking tunes with seaweed lyrics.
while the other is blushing along.
holding flowers that encapsulate the past.
they’ve got their sea-love dream.
unlike us with our grassy forest.
either way it’s a fine thing.
it is fine to be surrounded.
enclosed by laughter, love, dreams, stars.

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