Editor’s Note – Vol. 1

Dear Readers,

As I soon learned upon joining this community, Pacific Collegiate School is the ideal place to explore your passions. Students here can choose from a variety of electives and explore their interests beyond the academic field. Additionally, students can meet others who are enthusiastic about the same things they are, as I have done, in my time working with the talented and dedicated staff of The Finch.

We all have passions that steer us through life, that allow us to express ourselves, that keep us moving when we feel like giving up. Some of us are entranced by music, some appreciate being able to channel their energy into a sport, some dedicate themselves to the characters they portray in plays, some relish in their ability to launch themselves into their artwork. And some of us love to write.

“The Finch” was born when a group of students came together in an effort to strengthen PCS’s community of writers and artists. Together, we created a resource which would allow writers to connect with one another, experience having their work published professionally, and learn from the work of their peers. We were fortunate to receive the support that we did, and to have started this project at a school in which the faculty encouraged us and believed in our vision. In particular, gratitude is due to Ms. Roth, our faculty advisor, who helped found and oversee the progress of this publication; and to Mr. Fletcher and Ms. DeCaporale, who supported us with the funds we needed to provide printed copies of The Finch to the PCS community. Lastly, thanks go to Ms. Vlasak, who extended the project to her talented art students.

Thanks to the enthusiastic response from student writers, we were able to create a diverse and compelling magazine. This issue contains a variety of genres and writing styles. The talented work of authors and artists alike have become a benefit not only to those who will be inspired to write more, but to anyone who picks up a copy of The Finch. The hard work of so many people has provided a powerful insight into our creative community that anyone can appreciate and explore.

So, enjoy!

Respectfully yours,

Isabel Folger, Editor in Chief

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